BBQ Bonanza Extravaganza

The Party was HUGE. Thanx for everyone who came and donated money, bought a raffle ticket, brought a cool bike, helped out or bought a t-shirt. Next year should be even bigger.

here is a shot of the party. there were more bikes and hot rods round the back too
Butcher Shop bikes lined up directly out front

Sean Foley was there striping. He paints all the shit you see on our bikes (and my car)

Truth's (from Choppahead) FL

Dennis' Ironhead. He's got a hot-rodded evo now too.
Santoro's tank paint. the other side has La Tigre on it.

Ryan's sporty Sportster

JoJo's Knuck.
Henry and Harry
Harry's Pan-Shovel. He did this himself YEARS before this shit was on TV.
Niggs knocking over Derek's bike
Derek wheelied all the way home


Zoomies, Railroad Tramps and fake Rumble Seats

Even though it was last week, here are the pics from the Milltown Ink show up in Palmer, MA.

This first one is Nick driving his truck there. Notice new Zoomie pipes. LOUD

Bryan thought it would be funny to ride the rails. he's a hobo.

This set shows how my Chevy doesn't have an actual rumble seat. IF your riding back there, hold on! Notice Nick's Section 8 Mimosa.


caught on film

i got a phone call saying there where a couple pictures of me and the wife on choppers rule dot com. turns out its us waiting in traffic to get through the front gate of the smoke out back in 2006. my tense stare? i had been riding hand shift for two days(this being day two), with the shittyest clutch pedal angle and pivot location, what ever no excuses i'm the dummy that set it up.but it was the longest weekend of unintended tire chirpin and bike stalling ever! i'm still running this shovel motor but everything else has been changed including that stupid shifter.
remember there are cameras everywhere!