Bryan's NEW plate!

So this thing is hot off the presses so to speak. If you can believe it, that was HAND PAINTED by his girl on cardboard. From 10ft away the damn thing looks real! Now if he gets pulled over with that thing, i'm sure he'll wind up in jail, making real licence plates for a while, but shit, that plate looks good! And it was cheaper than paying to register it. Watch the Choppahead DVD Vol3 to hear the whole story about his refusal to play by the rules.

And in other news, our newest apprentice Shawn (not the legitimate retarded guy) picked up this heap last week for $1000. I got it in the shop so i could rewire it, and take care of some little stuff. Look for it next summer, as i'm sure we'll be busy over the winter teaching him how to chop it. Point is, if you look hard enough, you can still find good deals on these Ironheads in rough shape. Who cares though, most of it is getting thrown out anyway.

And last but not least, I have been trying to keep the "wooden bike" under wraps, so thats why there have been so many sneaky obscure pics i have been putting up. I promise an indepth photo spread with topless chicks or something when it's all done. Anyway, this photo shows the Honda dirtbike kickstand from the 70's Nick and I put on the WRONG SIDE of the bike. It will be bitchin when the whole thing is done, because the bike will lean to the other side when it's lined up with other scooters. I had to put that handle thing on it because it's mounted so far back on the frame that you'd probably never be able to find it, especially hammered. So thats all for now, and like I been saying, we're really putting this thing together fast, so check back often.


what i have been doing in the shop

It seems like since the day we put it together, Nick has had problems with the tank on his Shovelhead. The tins leaked and ruined the paint job. Every tank we put on since has leaked. Right now it's sitting in the shop with a gay burgandy sportster tank on it.
For a long time now I have wanted to make a super narrow peanut tank. When i started making this one i figured i'd do it, just for practice. So that way if anyone asked us to make one, there would already be at least one under our belt. I started with a King Sportster tank and cut about 6 inches out of the middle. It ends up being about 2 1/2 maybe 3 inches narrower than a stock sporty tank. If you got one on your bike now, look down on it and imagine 3 inches missing from the middle. Point is it's small.
After Nick saw it he liked it and we figured we'd put it on his shovel.
Maybe this week i'll get around to making the bottom. we're going to use "hidden" mounts for the bottom. What I think is rad about this is that with a narrow-glide front end the tank is literally hidden when looking at it dead on. It's narrower than the fork tubes on the old sportster front ends!
So i'm stoked to actually see it done and on the bike.

I LOVE putting these teaser pics of the wooden bike up. i don't want to spoil the suprise by putting up pictures of it half done. But close ups of specific parts are ok.
What you're looking at here is the chain tensioner. I realized now, after a couple momths for whatever reason, the bottom side of the chain would whip and rub the frame on my bike. This bike and mine have the same frame/hardtail sterup. My frame is just spraypainted, no big deal, but this one is going to be woodgrained.
So i rigged this up. When we're ready to put this together for the last time, nick and i will get a nice hard skateboard wheel with speed metal bearings or something.
we're actually haulin ass on this build now, so check back here often.