so shit got fucked up and i ordered the wrong size chain for the ironhead.....and also the wrong size sprocket on the chain tensioner. the good news is i just got the right chain in today, and monster craftsman agreed that i could send the sprocket for the chain tensioner back in exchange for the right one. i plan on doing lots of work on it tomorrow....but then the bad news....I'm sick, I'm tired and i feel like shit! good thing for me Ed offered his help once he gets outta work....so if all goes well, and i can also make it to precision HD to pick up the rear axle collar things will finally be on the right track.

love, Pete

PS......get ready for some new spy shots of the next bike I'm working on once the sporty is done!



it fucking sucks! I'm waiting for my chain tensioner to come in from monster craftsman, the one with the torsion spring that keeps tension on your chain even when it stretches out. anyways ordered it last week, they shipped the next day, and still i have no tensioner a week later. I JUST WANNA FINISH MY FUCKIN BIKE AND RIDE ALREADY! i get asked at least 5 times a day when my bike is gonna be done, I'm poor, the pony express ain't helpin me, and i haven't even bought my paint and metal flake yet! I'm gonna try to forget about it just for tonight, get some food and beer at
99's and then see where the night takes me.

don't forget about singletary (spelling?) swap meet on Sunday....if you don't wake up early and show up first thing, don't even bother going because I will have already bought up all the best parts, drink up all the beer and eat all the killer pork sandwiches and there will be none left for you.

<3 Pete


Shes almost done!!!!!

Just got done doing odds and ends on Dirty Girl.
Ordered the coil and hopefully in a couple
days she will be up and running


my brother fights!

supermoto is da shitttttttt!

welcome to my second blog!

not much going on right now. im poor so my motorcycle is getting built very slowly.
im gonna upload some pictures of the build later.

as far as racing goes....im still dreaming right now.



This is a score find.
It's like something from


some stuff

So since im on this thing and pete wants to blog about everything figured id throw some stuff up here.

1st thing is Pete's bike after the hardtail was put on and motor back
in to do some marking up. We also just slapped that tank on
just for the pic. bike still needs to be stripped down and painted.

2nd is lou working on his old mans pan. hopefully lou will have that up and running
soon for him to ride this year.

3rd is petes rocker boxes that he split. wanted to go for alittle
something new other than that standard ironhead look.

and 4th is one of annes 1st paint jobs. came out really well.
maybe well see this on CJs bike this year.


new bloggers!!

Bryan and i have recently decided to start to contribute to the blog! This should be fun for you to follow for sometime as Bryan and I plan on taking this much farther than it needs to go on our quest to become " SUPERBLOGGERS"!

Plans for the coming months include but are not limited to:

1. To get Bryan and I racing as much as possible i.e ,getting on one of the R.A.T.T. racing hill climb bikes and trying to make it to the top of a hill without having to check in to the ER, i.e me trying to build and race a flat track bike, or any other type of race that brings the heart pounding excitement!

2. continue to drink beer

3. keep hunting all the swap meets and buying up all the parts I can't afford.

4. finish my ironhead and ride the fuck out of it ( maybe show it? maybe win first place at every show it goes to? maybe have the whole world bow down and respect my greatness as the bestest builder ever.......nah.

5. enjoy the company of all my awesome friends at the Butcher Shop, Choppahead, the Poor Boys and all you other party animals out there.

6. Blog the fuck outta all of it!



The Butcher Shop isn't dead...it just sucks right now.

So i haven't posted anything in a while. It's not that we haven't been doing anything, we just haven't been doing anything cool. So here are some pics.

My fat ass broke the seat bracket i had made the other day, last night i fabbed up its replacement out of thicker steel.

A few weeks ago the wall literally fell of the side of the shop. We all pretended to be contractors for the day and replaced it.

Bryan will tell you he DIDN'T leave his key on. But either way after a couple of days with juice to the points, the coil decided to melt. And all the wiring. And those points. The lesson to take away is always have a fuse on the power wire.

Here's a quick shot of nicks bike, my bike and bryans bike.

If you look closely you can see the dent in cj's front wheel. theres one like it in the back. That tank is what he'll prob use. And i like that seat. Im going to make a bracket for it so he can run it. very Ed Roth like. I just need a giant lexan bubble.