Switching blogs

Ok we hate to do this but we have to switch blogs due to Ed setting up this blog and no one remembering any of the info to log into this blog and do what we need to do with it.

So any of you out there that still follow and want to help out we have another blog set up you can go to www.butchershopcycles.blogspot.com

I hope to see people start posting things on the other blog and keep the Butcher Shop going www.butchershopcycles@yahoo.com

This blog is just going to be a memorial to Ed


Don't look like it in the pic but getting some stuff done down at the Butcher Shop. More updates an pics to come.

Little look at the beginning


One hell of a chopper

I ran across these pics of this knucklehead and couldn't help but think this bike has seen alot of shit and prob put through alot. I love the pic of it being built in someone's house. Reminds me of story's of my old man, bought a basket case panhead one night put the hole thing together in just one night in his living room and rode it the next day from pennsylvania to North Carolina. Those are the days of real biker stories.



So now it's January and the weather has not been that bad. Days have been around mid 40's which for New England weather its crazy.

But enough about that. John has bough another bike and given us the privilege to build. So cleaned the "Hot Rod" and junk out of the garage to make room for another build. Ripped the bike apart ordered the hardtail and nick welded it up. I shaved down the legs and made a battery box. Dropped off the motor at Dennis's where we will regasket and clean the shit out of it.

Still have alot ahead of us but glad to be spending nights in the garage. Tonight didn't stay long me and nick did some marking up of the rear fender but felt way to much like shit to stay in the garage. Being sick sucks.

But I will be posting pics and keeping you updated on the build as we go along.


Thank You

I would like to thank everyone that came out last night in remembrance of Ed. All the support and contributions were greatly appreciated. I also would like to thank the Bands, PVD social club, Lisa gourley, Drunk Rob, Kenny from the Dooshbags, Motif, Ryan Rioux, Cory T, and Jimmy Lazer


A meeting of friends

Last night after band practice we gathered at the garage and home of Dave Santoro, Where we drank beer and reminisced about our good friend Ed. It was good to be around friends and family and to share some of our memories of him.


Eddie and the Louvers

Come show your support for our fallen brother.
Edward Henry Andrews


Is this the end of The Depot Bar & Lounge? Thats what Dennis says! I'm goin to investigate. This might be a 3 pitcher project. I dunno.