Is this the end of The Depot Bar & Lounge? Thats what Dennis says! I'm goin to investigate. This might be a 3 pitcher project. I dunno.


dennis missed his 16v. i miss my Corrado(sometimes)

Alpine White 1990 Volkswagen Corrado.
No Sunroof, Red-Dot gut.

Have a seat.
ABA block with .030 over Wiseco slugs.
Stage 2 BBM supercharger with a 18lb pulley. (thats a wicked lot of boost)
BBM Howitzer intake, ported and polished w/ RSR outlet.
Eurosport Intercooler pipes.
Audi intercooler
Samco Hoses
Neuspeed 260 Cam, w/ Neuspeed Chip
Techtonics Adjustable cam gear (set to 3degrees advance)
Porsche Fuel Injectors and FPR.
Ported & Polished Intake Manifold
Brospeed Header
Techtonics Full Exhaust (no cat)
Zimmerman Drilled, Slotted billet rotors w/ EBC Pads
Neuspeed strut tie bar
Bilstein HD shocks w/ Neuspeed Race Only springs
3 piece BBS (style) wheels w/ Michellin 17" rubbers.
NO swaybar, urethane bushings everwhere.
Clutch-Masters HD pressure plate & disc (VR6 setup)
Diesel Geek 02A Short shifter
Modded VR6 SLC grille
(real) FK Euro Taillights
Infinty Perfect Component Speakers
Alpine Deck
Basically, i have always been a VW nerd. I threw good money after bad building that motor for it. At that point I had thousands into a fucking Corrado.
I blew the living shit out of 3 G-Chargers. They were not meant to spin at the speeds needed for 16-18lbs of boost. The pulley i ran was like half the size of stock. Anyway, I got the fuck out of that car after charger number 3 went. I traded it with some kid in Brooklyn (BRK son!) for a garbage can of a 97 Pissat. I almost never got another VW again after that damn Corrado.
Point is, i'm still a closet VW nerd. Im glad dennis threw that pic of his GTi up. Reminds me of where we all started out.

so i can at least post something

found this a few days ago on flickr. The 1954 Chevy caught my eye. I'd guess thats a 1957 Dodge a couple cars over. No idea whats inbetween.

Anyway, the real gem in this pic is the Braga Bridge, under construction. Crazy.

Now for some perspective, the building that says Lamport is still there, its the brick mill you can see just before the 195 on-ramp on 79 south. Although now, the giant rusty green elevated highway block most of it. i looked today, the words are still on it, just painted over. And the SMoke stack towards the middle of the pic is what is today, Work Out World.

Obviously, 79 isnt even made yet. I would guess this photo to be from like 61 or maybe 62. The bridge wasnt done until 66. And, the Guvernment Center wasnt there because they didnt finish it until 1976.

If i were to venture a guess, i'd say this photo was taken around the Herald News Building or maybe where Denny's used to be on Milliken Blvd.

Either way, this is the raddest picture i have ever seen. It has it all, old cars, and Fall River landmarks.

And im sure once the weather breaks, ill get back to posting ugly bikes and not gay nerdy pictures of a city i wasnt even born in.


Winterport Dragway 2011

June 18 Saturday (Rain Date June 25)
Jimmy Jordan Memorial Car Show, Drag Race & Swap Meet
Camp-out Weekend # 1
Gamblers Race Points Series Race # 2
Gassah Guys Nostalgia Reunion (Flag Start)
Hot Rod Lawn Mower Shoot-out
ATV/Quad Challenge
Bike/Sled Shoot-out & Quick 8
Pontiac Day

July 9 Saturday (Rain Date July 23)
Camp-out Weekend # 2
Gamblers Race Points Series Race # 3
Gassah Guys Nostalgia Reunion (Flag Start)
Hot Rod Lawn Mower Shoot-out
Bike/Sled Shoot-out & Quick 8
ATV/Quad Challenge
Swap Meet

August 6 Saturday
Camp-out Weekend #3
Gamblers Race Points Series Race # 4
Hot Rod Lawn Mower Shoot-out
ATV/Quad Challenge
Bike/Sled Shoot-out & Quick 8
Chevy Day

September 10 Saturday (Rain Date Sept 17)
Camp-out Weekend # 4
Gamblers Race Points Series Race # 5
Gassah Guys Nostalgia Reunion (Flag Start)
Swap Meet
Hot Rod Lawn Mower Shoot-out
Bike/Sled Shoot-out & Quick 8
ATV/Quad Challenge

October 8 Sat. (Rain Date Oct 15)
Fall Car Show, Drag Race & Swap Meet
Camp-out Weekend #5
Gassah Guys Nostalgia Reunion (Flag Start)
Gamblers Race Points Series Race # 6
Bike/Sled Shoot-out & Quick 8
Hot Rod Lawn Mower Shoot-out
ATV/Quad Challenge



Jan 29-30

The Butcher Shop will be bringing our most recent build to the Northeast Motorcycle Expo at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA. Jan 29-30. I've been told Jill, from the pic above, will be joining us. So come out and vote dammit! See you there.

Dennis got more ink

Ryan at Atomic Ink in Swansea, MA just did Dennis' thumbs. Now i feel i must get multiple HF tatts also.


Orenthal James Simpson

I put this up on my FB and of the HF blog, but damn, what an awesome pic!
Career stats:
61 TD's Rushing
11,236 yds Rushing
4.7 yds/carry
Heisman Trophy
6 Pro-Bowls
1st Ballot Hall of Fame Inductee
2 Murders
And i "cut this" from the "head" of the list, but he was in Roots AND was Nordberg in The Naked Gun series. He is now serving 33yrs for kidnapping/armed robbery.
I've been into vintage drag racing pics lately, although i been leaning more towards middle/late 50's this photo just screamed for me to post it as many places as possible.
When he drove this thing, he KILLED the 60ft times at the track!
Go Juice!


First Ride of the Year

me lou and pierre went for the first ride of the season tonight over to the social club in westport for a few beers. roads were a little wet and the air was cool, but it felt good to be on two weels again.