Orenthal James Simpson

I put this up on my FB and of the HF blog, but damn, what an awesome pic!
Career stats:
61 TD's Rushing
11,236 yds Rushing
4.7 yds/carry
Heisman Trophy
6 Pro-Bowls
1st Ballot Hall of Fame Inductee
2 Murders
And i "cut this" from the "head" of the list, but he was in Roots AND was Nordberg in The Naked Gun series. He is now serving 33yrs for kidnapping/armed robbery.
I've been into vintage drag racing pics lately, although i been leaning more towards middle/late 50's this photo just screamed for me to post it as many places as possible.
When he drove this thing, he KILLED the 60ft times at the track!
Go Juice!

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