year round ridin

i went for a little ride yesterday, its still pretty cold around here, good thing i wore a bandana to cover up my shit eatin grin, i hadn't touched my shovel in months and it just felt good


Zany Bars

These are the ones i made for Andy's brother. All stainless, polished and all by the Butcher Shop. So thats 4 different designs for us now. However, the stainless pile is getting smaller.


Dennis has his hands full

it's been slow going lately. I personally have barely been in our garage. It's too fucking cold and kerosene for the bullet heater is kind of inconvienent to get. But over at Dennis' house he's been busy. He melted some of his piston on his Evo Knevo Sportster at the end of this summer. I was there tonight and he got a big expensive box full of stuff to get it put back together. I got this spy pic from my crappy ass pre-paid phone (no iPhone for this Bro) sometime last week, but it gives you the idea. Dennis has some wrench turnin to do before the weather breaks. Sorry for the crappy pic. Buy me an iPhone 3GS and i promise pic quality will go up.