something different...using your Nerd Box

So i been goin crazy today. For years now, you couldve download programs called Emulators. They are just simple little programs that act like videogame systems. Think of them like the hardware inside your Atari. Then you can downolad ROMS, which are the programming of the game tape. Add a cheap ass walmart USB video game contoller, and BAM! You got all the video games you couldnt afford as a kid. Cheap, and easy.
First pick up one of these...

It's made for the computer, and has a USB plug. At gamestop they're like $10. Probably have them at walmart, Best Buy whatever. I was patient and waited til there was an unopened brand new one at savers for $5. It's like a ps2 style, but all the emulators let you programm which buttons do which. NES only needs two, so i got mad extras.
Once you got the sticks, you need the System. So decide which one you want. Pretend you 10 again and your moms gave you infinite money. Tonight, i been reppin the NES so we'll go with that one. There are tons of emulators out there that all work the same, but this is the one i use. It's called Nestopia. You can download it for free here...
Once thats unloaded, make a folder on the NerdBox where you'll keep all this shit. Unzip it, your good to go. Now you need games. I got Tyson's Punch Out, Excitebike, RC Pro Am, Blades of Steel, TecmoBowl, Mario Bros, Zelda, it goes on and on. They're free, so the limits are your imagination. The "tapes" are called ROMS. I get them from this site, they got all the "real" ones, no bogus rip-off Mario shit here...
Download them and put them in the same folder as the emulator.
Start up Nestopia or whatever you use, set up you sticks, open the ROM you want and thats it, your in business.
Seriously, this is the best $5 on that contorller i ever spent. Stressful bullshit days melt away when your scoring 70yd TD's with Walter Payton or getting first place on track5 of Excitebike!
That emulator zone site has all the other systems too, and the doperoms has the games coverd. Quick not, to keep things simple, stick with original game systems. Gaystion and Xbox and the newer ones are more complicated to fuck with. And really, when you can have the Super NES, NES Genesis and the 2600, all in one day, who cares about the new shit!
The Emulators really dont have instructions, so you ave to fuck with them a bit to get them going at first, there is tons of shit out there to read online. And when your going for the tapes, try to download ones that have an (E) in the title. They'll be more likely to be in english.


Blizzard of oh-10

Dennis called me this morning to let me know that he was going to Choppahead this afternoon to help Truth put together the rocker boxes on his Shovelhead. I figured a road trip was a great way to celebrate the "Blizzard of oh-10". Off i went, there was probably a half inc of snow in THE PLOWED lanes of the freeway. Of course, I was going about 65 mph when i snapped this pic.

I grabbed some shots as soon as I got to Choppahead in one piece.
Here's the RatFink taillight lense on Truth's bike, "Sex-Panzer".

A touch of class, heres the topper for the sissy-bar.

Evidently, someone Truth knows did the engraving on these rocker boxes. I was told this was his first try at doing it. A little hard to saee in these photos are the tops carved with "H.F. - O.G."
Classy. The faces of them read "Anti - Social"
And so, at the end of the day, I headed back to CJ's, aka, Headquarters, and fired up the stove while enjoying a pack of smokes and about a half dozen Busch Beers.

even more H.F. ink

Ryan's face by Steve

Christian's done by Jim


hf ink for ed

havin trouble with the email, sorry no close ups if this wont work i'll snap a new one



Here are some of the Hatefuck tatts i've gotten so far.
Here's my arm (MA HF), done by the one and only El-Hazrok last summer.

Here's Kevin's from Fastlane (Tuscon, AZ HF)

Here's Big Nick (Long Island HF) piece by Justin LaPuma

And of course, Truth's leg piece by Steve Pedone.

Like i said fellas, keep em comin.



so heres what im starting with over there.


we have moved

Ask me the whole story the next time you see me. But Nick, Bryan and I had to clear out of the garage we were building out of. It sucks. Nick is staying there just as a place to store his collection of tools, parts, rollers, etc. I on the other hand have moved a few miles down the road to Westport, and good ole' CJ's house. He has a real nice sized garage in his back yard he opened up to his Brother Ed, so I can have a place to work out of. I've been going there past couple of weeks to put up insulation and wire it and what not. Should have a stove for heat in there this weekend (hopefully) and then the real fun can begin. I definitely DO NOT like trying to not freeze to death while working in a shop with little to know heat when it's 20 degrees outside. But eventually in the springtime we should be up and running enough to host a "little" get-together there. I'll be posting up pics of my new place and the progress Nick and I will try to make on the WCC and the Brown Bike when i get them.

Stay Tuned.

p.s. - i been hyping this pic just cuz i want to gather up a collection of the HF pieces we all got. So if your reading this, and your inked, snap a pick and email em to me


p.p.s - of course gotta give credit where credit is due, Jim Allendorf of Fast Lane tattoos WAY OUT in Tuscon, AZ sent me the stickers wif this design on it (Jim i still owe you a stack of Louvers CD"s) and the artist formerly known as El-Hazrok, of Atomic (Bro-tomic) Ink put it in. Thanks bros.



that was quick. if you helped put the word out, thanks. now we got a bankroll for the W.C.C.


fire sale

So we're going to sell Nick's ROLLER. We're saving the shovelhead and 4spd to put in the West Coast CHopper CFL thats our next project. But this thing has gotta go to finance the first phase of operation CFL. Tell your friends. this shit is on the cheap.



Now that the wood bike is done, i can go back to posting shit that isnt related in any way to it. So to kick things off, here;s whats next from the Butcher Shop.

Yup. That's definitely a West Coast Choppers frame. It's Nick's CFL. He bought it years ago when WCC had a sale on shit, paid SHORT money for it. We're going to take the drivetrain outta the green shovelhead to put in here over the winter. Stay tuned.

Here's the tank for the CFL Nick's been working on all week. It was a british Sportster tank he loped the front off of to dish it. We've never tried this before, so it was a learning experience. But some sheet metal from Ace Hardware and some welding, and this is what you get.


Josh from Gengstout.com

Eventually this thing will be gone and i'll find something else to over-post about. Until then...
I dragged Josh from Gengstout over to the cemetary near the shop for a goth photoshoot. If it hadnt started fucking raining we couldve gotten more nasty shots like these.


been busy lately

The first couple pics were taken by a friend of ours. Jesse takes photogs of peoples weddings and what not. This was his first take at shooting a bike. They came out absoultely awesome. I like the leaves piled up next to it in the 2nd one.

Then of course we had to had try something a little different. Dallas Dave put together a shoot at high-end woodworking shop. He got our friend Matt to shoot it and Dave even went so far as to get a girl to donate her time and talent to make the bike (it's there in the back) look that much better.

Thanks to all these people who made this happen. After wrenching this heap together over the past year, it's really rewarding to see it getting the star treatment.
I'll post up all the full size pics sans watermark once Nick and I get together with the photogs to choose the final prints. Until then, enjoy.


clinton james

I wanted to put this up. Anne took this a couple weeks ago at Lou's house. Here's CJ's pan-shovel all done. Those are the tins i posted at the begining of the summer, in action.


parts delivery

I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Finally got the gas tanks back. I jumped right in and mounted them on the bike. Now the wooden bike is really falling in place.