Louie's Foot Controls

more Butcher Shop stuff, here are the foot contols Lou has put together on his Shovelhead. Bitchin So-Cal SUPER high pegs. Just make sure to do yoga and stetches before hopping on, your knees will be on your cheeks.

Handle Bars

so after cutting up some "donated" stainless steel bow-rails we banged out some handle bars. the first pair were actually done more towards the summer and are on Nick's shovelhead.

The next two were from this week, first on Bryan's Dirty Girl bike and then on Louie's shovel head. They were done with the most basic of tools and lots of elbow grease.

now just some close ups for added effect, the bottome ones (louie's) are NOT polished yet.

new Butcher Shop stuff

i have a slew of pics of new shit we have been working on. i'll start with the legs that louie shaved down. here are the before and after pics.


what the fuck is this?

this is for everyone to post absurd shit on. From the bikes at the butcher shop to the bands of ours, EATL, Chris Martin is my Co-Pilot, to dumb pictures and videos, whatever. set-up an account, shoot me your email and you can post here too.