been busy lately

The first couple pics were taken by a friend of ours. Jesse takes photogs of peoples weddings and what not. This was his first take at shooting a bike. They came out absoultely awesome. I like the leaves piled up next to it in the 2nd one.

Then of course we had to had try something a little different. Dallas Dave put together a shoot at high-end woodworking shop. He got our friend Matt to shoot it and Dave even went so far as to get a girl to donate her time and talent to make the bike (it's there in the back) look that much better.

Thanks to all these people who made this happen. After wrenching this heap together over the past year, it's really rewarding to see it getting the star treatment.
I'll post up all the full size pics sans watermark once Nick and I get together with the photogs to choose the final prints. Until then, enjoy.

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