Blizzard of oh-10

Dennis called me this morning to let me know that he was going to Choppahead this afternoon to help Truth put together the rocker boxes on his Shovelhead. I figured a road trip was a great way to celebrate the "Blizzard of oh-10". Off i went, there was probably a half inc of snow in THE PLOWED lanes of the freeway. Of course, I was going about 65 mph when i snapped this pic.

I grabbed some shots as soon as I got to Choppahead in one piece.
Here's the RatFink taillight lense on Truth's bike, "Sex-Panzer".

A touch of class, heres the topper for the sissy-bar.

Evidently, someone Truth knows did the engraving on these rocker boxes. I was told this was his first try at doing it. A little hard to saee in these photos are the tops carved with "H.F. - O.G."
Classy. The faces of them read "Anti - Social"
And so, at the end of the day, I headed back to CJ's, aka, Headquarters, and fired up the stove while enjoying a pack of smokes and about a half dozen Busch Beers.

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