we have moved

Ask me the whole story the next time you see me. But Nick, Bryan and I had to clear out of the garage we were building out of. It sucks. Nick is staying there just as a place to store his collection of tools, parts, rollers, etc. I on the other hand have moved a few miles down the road to Westport, and good ole' CJ's house. He has a real nice sized garage in his back yard he opened up to his Brother Ed, so I can have a place to work out of. I've been going there past couple of weeks to put up insulation and wire it and what not. Should have a stove for heat in there this weekend (hopefully) and then the real fun can begin. I definitely DO NOT like trying to not freeze to death while working in a shop with little to know heat when it's 20 degrees outside. But eventually in the springtime we should be up and running enough to host a "little" get-together there. I'll be posting up pics of my new place and the progress Nick and I will try to make on the WCC and the Brown Bike when i get them.

Stay Tuned.

p.s. - i been hyping this pic just cuz i want to gather up a collection of the HF pieces we all got. So if your reading this, and your inked, snap a pick and email em to me


p.p.s - of course gotta give credit where credit is due, Jim Allendorf of Fast Lane tattoos WAY OUT in Tuscon, AZ sent me the stickers wif this design on it (Jim i still owe you a stack of Louvers CD"s) and the artist formerly known as El-Hazrok, of Atomic (Bro-tomic) Ink put it in. Thanks bros.

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