dennis missed his 16v. i miss my Corrado(sometimes)

Alpine White 1990 Volkswagen Corrado.
No Sunroof, Red-Dot gut.

Have a seat.
ABA block with .030 over Wiseco slugs.
Stage 2 BBM supercharger with a 18lb pulley. (thats a wicked lot of boost)
BBM Howitzer intake, ported and polished w/ RSR outlet.
Eurosport Intercooler pipes.
Audi intercooler
Samco Hoses
Neuspeed 260 Cam, w/ Neuspeed Chip
Techtonics Adjustable cam gear (set to 3degrees advance)
Porsche Fuel Injectors and FPR.
Ported & Polished Intake Manifold
Brospeed Header
Techtonics Full Exhaust (no cat)
Zimmerman Drilled, Slotted billet rotors w/ EBC Pads
Neuspeed strut tie bar
Bilstein HD shocks w/ Neuspeed Race Only springs
3 piece BBS (style) wheels w/ Michellin 17" rubbers.
NO swaybar, urethane bushings everwhere.
Clutch-Masters HD pressure plate & disc (VR6 setup)
Diesel Geek 02A Short shifter
Modded VR6 SLC grille
(real) FK Euro Taillights
Infinty Perfect Component Speakers
Alpine Deck
Basically, i have always been a VW nerd. I threw good money after bad building that motor for it. At that point I had thousands into a fucking Corrado.
I blew the living shit out of 3 G-Chargers. They were not meant to spin at the speeds needed for 16-18lbs of boost. The pulley i ran was like half the size of stock. Anyway, I got the fuck out of that car after charger number 3 went. I traded it with some kid in Brooklyn (BRK son!) for a garbage can of a 97 Pissat. I almost never got another VW again after that damn Corrado.
Point is, i'm still a closet VW nerd. Im glad dennis threw that pic of his GTi up. Reminds me of where we all started out.

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