so i can at least post something

found this a few days ago on flickr. The 1954 Chevy caught my eye. I'd guess thats a 1957 Dodge a couple cars over. No idea whats inbetween.

Anyway, the real gem in this pic is the Braga Bridge, under construction. Crazy.

Now for some perspective, the building that says Lamport is still there, its the brick mill you can see just before the 195 on-ramp on 79 south. Although now, the giant rusty green elevated highway block most of it. i looked today, the words are still on it, just painted over. And the SMoke stack towards the middle of the pic is what is today, Work Out World.

Obviously, 79 isnt even made yet. I would guess this photo to be from like 61 or maybe 62. The bridge wasnt done until 66. And, the Guvernment Center wasnt there because they didnt finish it until 1976.

If i were to venture a guess, i'd say this photo was taken around the Herald News Building or maybe where Denny's used to be on Milliken Blvd.

Either way, this is the raddest picture i have ever seen. It has it all, old cars, and Fall River landmarks.

And im sure once the weather breaks, ill get back to posting ugly bikes and not gay nerdy pictures of a city i wasnt even born in.

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