BBQ Bonanza Extravaganza

The Party was HUGE. Thanx for everyone who came and donated money, bought a raffle ticket, brought a cool bike, helped out or bought a t-shirt. Next year should be even bigger.

here is a shot of the party. there were more bikes and hot rods round the back too
Butcher Shop bikes lined up directly out front

Sean Foley was there striping. He paints all the shit you see on our bikes (and my car)

Truth's (from Choppahead) FL

Dennis' Ironhead. He's got a hot-rodded evo now too.
Santoro's tank paint. the other side has La Tigre on it.

Ryan's sporty Sportster

JoJo's Knuck.
Henry and Harry
Harry's Pan-Shovel. He did this himself YEARS before this shit was on TV.
Niggs knocking over Derek's bike
Derek wheelied all the way home

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  1. fuck i've been waiting for this party pix,and there fuckin rad!!!any more shrits? fat boy sizes