year end wrap up

Well 2009 is just about over, we had fun, but it would have been a hell of alot more fun if it didn't rain all summer. The rain was so nasty and unpredictable I started carrying heavy duty fisherman style rain gear in a back pack every time I rode. There seemed to be alot of good shit going on this summer, every week there was a car/bike show, garage parties, backyard bbq, swapmeet, or a good band to catch, but heavy driving rain was almost a sure thing. On top of the weather I think someone put a voodoo curse on the butcher shop, the whole crew seemed to suffer physical or mechanical failure. Nick didn't ride his hard startin shovel much and rather tear around in his hot rod pickup, but we talked him into going to a big bike show that we disrupt every summer, after taking 2nd place he got pulled over for speeding, got written up for no license no reg and watched the bike get hauled away on a flatbed. Eddie couldn't understand why Nicks bike started so hard and bored one day figured he would work the bugs out, jumping down on the kicker it slipped past, he blew his knee out bad and was out of commission for weeks. Bryan blew the motor in the dirty girl (did you know that oil makes all the shiny expensive stuff in your motor last longer).Dennis bought one of those fancy evo powered bikes and after a month of brutal torture melted a hole in one of the pistons. For me and the trouble head it was a cat and mouse game all summer, run great one day, can't get it started the next, leave the house runnin good, 2 miles away it takes a shit and I limp it home on one cylinder! Adjust the pushrods, set the timing, new coil, plugs, wires, points, condenser, battery, cleaned the carb and changed the intake o-rings, just when I thought I had it a short ride would have me pissed off again. I had enough and let Henry at Rat Racing deal with it, he rechecked my work and finally found a bad lifter, the roller would stay true for a while keeping the valve adjustment then get goofy making the motor run all over the place. Stupid problem simple solution and I was pulling my hair out with this one. Now its CJs turn, he wins because he broke his bike and his body. Leaving a party on one of the steepest hills in Fall River he glazed over the rear drum brake, with no front brake and a hand shift bike he had his hands full! Between parked cars over the curb and into the woods, he got pretty banged up, ruined both wheels and a cool little friscoed peanut tank. So there it is 2009 in a nut shell, despite the bumps along the way there where some killer times, Choppaheads vol. 3 party, Santoros 4th of july carnival, 1st annual Butcher Shop bbq, LB/HF party at Jims, Sin Alley Saints car show, a pile of other drunken rowdy times, and if you want to finish the year in style I'll see you at Elhazroks tomorrow !

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