Butcher Shop current build...

So this is it. The Top Secret shit we've all been working on past couple months. Yes, it's wood grain. Don't ask what the coat is or how it's done, I can honestly say I don't know. The whole bike will be done wood. Frame, tins, everything.
Those are the legs Louie shaved down. He did that with a hacksaw and sandpaper by the way. Lou has WAY more patience than me, Nick or Bryan.

This is some shit I made the past couple days. I made the seat bracket, fish mounted the stanchions, then made the posts, Nick and I decided to use those hitch pins to hold the springs down instead of plain old nuts and bolts.

My favorite part so far is that we're using a skinny front size rim in the rear.

Here is the before and after of those legs Louie shaved down.

Nick cut down the cam cover before we sent the motor out to get rebuilt. really dig the cut down look too now thats it's all back together. I sat there for a LONG damn time with scotch-brite to all the covers and rocker boxes on the motor to get that brushed look.

There you go, watch this blog over the next few months, maybe i'll leak some more shit from the lab.


  1. well keep the shit comin!!
    we want more

  2. cats outta the bag now eddie,
    this thing is gonna be a mind benda