Sin Alley Saints Car Show in Norton, MA

So even though it was weeks ago, here are some pics from when we went ot the Sin Alley Saints car show up in Norton, MA. It was a good time, we hid beer in the back of Dennis' car and drank outside. There were some cool cars, but it ended up fucking raining, which is typical around here lately. All the Pics are by Lisa Gourley.

here's Lou and Nick's old man Scott leaving.

Nick's Model A pickup

That's CJ's dog Frisco, check out that red rocket.

This is Dennis' 54 Ford. Soon it'll have a 5.0 from a Mustang

In the front of Dennis' car is Christian's Triumph from Choppahead

These Butcher Shop stickers are everywhere now.

here's a good shot of my stupid ass getting soaked on the ride home.

And one more thing, we were all at the Whaling City Festival car/bike show in New Bedford last Sunday. Nick's Shovelhead took 2nd place in it's class. Then on the ride home he got pulled over for speeding. And his bike got towed.

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  1. wish i was there with you guys,i'd take rain over this az heat anyday,looked like a good show