new bloggers!!

Bryan and i have recently decided to start to contribute to the blog! This should be fun for you to follow for sometime as Bryan and I plan on taking this much farther than it needs to go on our quest to become " SUPERBLOGGERS"!

Plans for the coming months include but are not limited to:

1. To get Bryan and I racing as much as possible i.e ,getting on one of the R.A.T.T. racing hill climb bikes and trying to make it to the top of a hill without having to check in to the ER, i.e me trying to build and race a flat track bike, or any other type of race that brings the heart pounding excitement!

2. continue to drink beer

3. keep hunting all the swap meets and buying up all the parts I can't afford.

4. finish my ironhead and ride the fuck out of it ( maybe show it? maybe win first place at every show it goes to? maybe have the whole world bow down and respect my greatness as the bestest builder ever.......nah.

5. enjoy the company of all my awesome friends at the Butcher Shop, Choppahead, the Poor Boys and all you other party animals out there.

6. Blog the fuck outta all of it!



  1. this is such an awesome bolg entry! keep up the good work! you are sooooooo handsome!

  2. I fucking agree!!!!! Blog the fuck out of the world