it fucking sucks! I'm waiting for my chain tensioner to come in from monster craftsman, the one with the torsion spring that keeps tension on your chain even when it stretches out. anyways ordered it last week, they shipped the next day, and still i have no tensioner a week later. I JUST WANNA FINISH MY FUCKIN BIKE AND RIDE ALREADY! i get asked at least 5 times a day when my bike is gonna be done, I'm poor, the pony express ain't helpin me, and i haven't even bought my paint and metal flake yet! I'm gonna try to forget about it just for tonight, get some food and beer at
99's and then see where the night takes me.

don't forget about singletary (spelling?) swap meet on Sunday....if you don't wake up early and show up first thing, don't even bother going because I will have already bought up all the best parts, drink up all the beer and eat all the killer pork sandwiches and there will be none left for you.

<3 Pete

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  1. i drank all the beer and ate all the roast beef. not pork. you must have stayed up too late on blogspot cause i didnt see you at the swap. buuuuudddddyy