some twisted shit

So i was riding thhrough a parking lot at the beach with Dennis. As i was turning, leaned over pretty far, the side of my back tire found a patch of sand. Next thing i know im picking myself up off the ground. I low sided it and the bike spun a 180. After my knee tried digging a hole in the asphalt i evidently somersaulted over the wreck.
Worst part was this was at a VW car show and there were like 100 people watching the whole thing. i felt like such a fool. I wish i could've crawled into my helmet. But i picked up that bike like a lunchbox and rode out as fast as i could.
This is not a trick shot. Thats how bent my grape hangers are. I'll get em' straight though.

Heres my fucked up knee. Super concentrated road rash and very swollen. But other than a new gangsta limp and a bruised ego, no bodily harm.

This fucking shiter was so hard to move what with being stuffed into the primary and all.

But now moving along this is whats next on the list. The rear rockerbox on my ironhead is leaking bad. Thing is, a couple of the bolts are under the frame backbone. And so the whole cylinder head is coming off. Then i can get the rocker box off.
Bryan really hooked me up finding the ONLY one at the entire Stafford Springs swaps the last time we went.

So all in all i had a great time last weekend. The weather has finally broken around here and Bryan is getting closer to finishing the Dirty Girl. Pete has a WAY to go on his scoot, and Dennis' evo-knievo has some reassembling he has to do, so hopefully everybody will be up and running soon enough. After all, the point of doing all this shit is to ride them.

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  1. the road rash will heel fast,i dont know if that ego will ever heel!!!!hang in there