The Dirty Girl...Bryan's 79 Sportster

Bryan had been asking me to post some pics for a while. I thought today was as good a day as any. He just got the bike running again this afternoon. More on that in a minute. To understand this bike, it's important to realize where it came from.
Lou and CJ bought it as a basket case years ago. They put it together in Lou's fathers shed. The fram is actually for an EVO sportster, and it seems it's a special made to order Paughco rigid. To say it's low is an understatement. For some reason it was made with the drop-outs super high up from the bottom of the frame. That seems to be how it gets down so low.
After crafting some ingenious motor mounts, the Ironhead motor fit in with room to spare. Turns out the motor itself is special, it has an S&S stroker kit in it with 1200 flywheels and EXPENSIVE ass special stroker pistons.

After Lou rode it a couple years, it eventually fell into our friend Josh's hands.
Here's what she looked like when Josh owned it.

Obviously since buying it Bryan made some changes. He brought it to the Smoke Out a few years ago looking like that. Afterwards though, he tore it down, repainted the frame, changed the tires, added a rear wheel powdercoated black with stainless spokes. After that he found the tin set in this guys basement, untouched since about the 70's when it looks like it was painted. Nick cut the stock sportster part of the rear fender off to re-radius it to fit the frame better and Bryan and I made the pipes. Our resident painter Sean Foley did the oil tank and aircleaner artwork.

These pics are actually from last summer. If you go back in our archives here you can find the photos i took of the handle bars Nick and Bryan made from stainless stell, like all our home made bars are constructed from.

The bike, due to its large displacement, has ALWAYS been a pain in the ass to start. It eats batteries and starters for breakfast. So the other day, Bryan and I swapped out the starter from Nick's Brown Bike and got her running again.

Lately Bryan has rebuilt the top end with those EXPENSIVE ASS stroker pistons from S&S, he installed a Super-B carb and DYna 2000i ignition to give some more ooomph to that ironhead. And today he got it running.

Thats about it. Again, if you look back in the archives you can find the post about his conterfeit liscense plate. You can also watch Bryan talk about it in the Choppahead DVD Vol.3

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  1. nice post Ed, maybe i'll dig up a couple pics from when i owned it and continue the legacy that has become the dirty girl