SPOILER ALERT...the wood bike

Really I wanted to wait until the end, but I couldn't help it. This is our latest build. We started it so long ago now. We had to wait about 6 months to get the frame back from the wood grainers. But it's back and Nick and I have been going full steam ahead on it for the past few days. When it's all over, i'll be posting tons of pics and the whole build story. but for now...

Here's what we got to start with.

This is actually the old frame from my bike. I used a spare to build mine, and since this bike had an ugly late model ironhead frame, we welded a hard tail to my old one and used it here.

This was right towards the end of the mock up.
Here's Dennis powdering the bits up. Doo-Doo Brown matches good with the tone of the bike.

Here's what she looks like the other day. Waiting for the tanks to come back, Nick and I are now tying up loose ends.


  1. crazy man crazy!!!!who's that bike for?

  2. this guy john. we built him a bike a couple years ago. a blue sportster with moon eyes on the tank..

  3. only pic that looks good is the one of the guy powdercoating

  4. the guy powdercoating is hot!!! sexy ear!!!
    and covered in DOO-DOO BROWN