i'm going solo

after a lot of thought i've decided to leave the Butcher Shop, no there was no big blow out between me and any of the guys at the garage, but i did have a couple reasons. first the garage has not been the garage since we lost the big shop that everybody chipped in on. as much as i bitched about it being a zoo and impossible to work in , i loved it and now i miss it. the second is that i've just been bummed on motorcycles lately and need a fresh start.
the fact is that i've been doing my own thing out of my garage at home for awhile, and now it's just official. i havn't decided if i'm going to name the shop and all that, but i do want to take buying vintage parts a little more serious. i plan on hitting a swap with Ed this weekend and i hope it gives me the kick in the ass i need to start buying up parts and get excited about this shit again.

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