Sometimes they come back...

This bike was the first one i ever built.
Nick and i finished it almost exactly 3 years ago. We had built it for a friend of ours who just never got around to riding it. Evidently it has spent the last 2 1/2 yrs quietly rusting away
under a tarp somewhere. It's gotten pretty rough being carelessly neglected for so long. But scotch-brite and chrome polish should straighten it out.
Very recently fellow Butcher Shopper Kyle picked it up for a good price and had me swap out the crappy ass harley electronic ignition for a set of good old fashioned points. Next order of business will be to clean the varnish out of the tank and carb, charge the battery up good, then fire it up. This is Kyle's first harley.
It's just funny to have built something a while ago, then get to work on it again. Not to mention it's like a time capsule to see how far i've gotten/fallen behind or whatever.
My favorite part of this bike has always been the pipes nick spent like 3 days making. There's prob twenty pieces of pipe joined together to make them.
The stance of the bike is cool, in my opinion, looks like a chopper, stretched rake, over tubes in the front end.
Some people don't like the look of it. But i have a soft spot for it since it was afterall the first bike I helped build at the Butcher Shop.


  1. this thing looks sooooo much better with low bars, i take back some of the nasty things i said

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